Mole Control - Effectiveness, Cost & Safety


When choosing a mole control method, there are many factors homeowners should consider: Which methods are the most effective and efficient, and which methods are the least costly. Which methods require the least amount of work, and which methods are the safest.


For all of these questions, the answer is simple—mole traps are the best method of mole control, and Mole Pro produces the best mole traps on the market. As stated above, there are multiple criteria for judging the best mole control method, but on all accounts, Mole Pro mole traps prove to be the best. Here is a great video which shows how to set a trap.


Once you have determined that you have a mole problem, the next step is determining what is the best mole control method. The key factors you should consider are effectiveness, safety, and cost.


Mole Control Effectiveness


All experts agree that mole traps are the most effective means of mole control. Firstly, unlike other mole control methods, they work in conjunction with the nature of moles. One of the best mole traps we tested is the Mole Pro trap.


The traps is buried right in the middle of mole tunnels, forcing the moles to move the trigger (unlike other traps which use a trigger that rests on top of the tunnel). By pushing against the trigger in the center of the mole trap, the moles cause the traps to close. Moles are killed quickly and painlessly, providing for an easy yet humane mole control method.


Mole Control Cost


Many mole control methods, such as smoke bombs or repellents, are only temporary fixes. They do not solve the problem of moles, they mask the problem. Repellents cause the mole’s food supply to taste bad, supposedly forcing the mole to move on to new territory. However, such a mole control method requires repeated application, meaning a lot of time, energy and money must be spent to keep up the repelling process. Some homeowners will be reapplying the repellent once a month, even more.


For the average homeowner, such a cost is exorbitant, and the amount of time wasted on such an inefficient mole control method is depressing. Smoke bombs provide even less relief. In order to chase away moles with smoke bombs, homeowners will be bombing every five days. Once again, the cost will quickly add up, and after a homeowner spends every weekend setting of smoke bombs, he or she will definitely want to find a new mole control method.


Good mole traps can be used again and again, but make sure you purchase a durable mole trap with a warranty (again, the Mole Pro trap was constructed very well and offers a 5-year warranty).


Mole Control Safety


A common misconception is that mole traps are a dangerous form of mole control. In some cases, this is true. Some traps use spears which rest above ground and plunge into the soil when triggered by the mole. Others use extremely powerful jaws which require more than 50lbs of pressure to open the jaws.


Clearly, some traps put the homeowner at risk when he or she sets the trap. However, Mole Pro mole traps offer the perfect balance of power and poise, meaning they pack enough strength to kill moles, but they are not so dangerous that they also hurt the user. This makes the Mole Pro mole trap among the safest, most effective mole control methods available.


Poisons, while difficult to purchase, may kill moles, but they can also kill other living things such as birds. And for homeowners who own pets or have children, mole poisons can pose a serious risk to the family as well. Pesticides are also dangerous. These chemicals are used to destroy the mole’s food supply, but once again they can harm a lot more including plant life, wildlife, and once again, pets and children.

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